Join the HALO team!

Two very special HALO members have launched their own fundraising project. Lori and Jill are moms to HALO rescues Ruthie Roo and Stella. Our biggest rescue ever, in November of 2015, was named Project Roo after Ruthie Roo, who is a little girl with a fighting spirit. In order to help HALO rescue more Havanese, Lori and Jill are selling t-shirts in gorgeous, vibrant colors displaying the new HALO logo. The shirts are soft, high-quality cotton with the logo embroidered on the front. There are a limited number of t-shirts left and a close-out sale is underway. Below are the currently available sizes and colors. You can email Lori and Jill at to order. 

A message from Lori and Jill:  The holidays are just around the corner and an official HALO embroidered t-shirt would make a great gift! Even better they are on sale! All proceeds go to HALO. Help us make room for new items in 2017.

2/$40--3/$54--4/$64. Best deal 5/$75!

This is what we have left in SHORT sleeve unisex sizes:

Neon orange: s-1, m-3, L-5, XL-1, 2XL-1

Neon green: s-2, L-6

Blue: m-1, XL-2, 2XL-2

Salmon: XL-3, 2XL-3

Seafoam: 2XL-2Gray: m-1, L-3, XL-3.