Unique Program Gives Help After Adoption

We are really proud of our Mentor Program, led by volunteer Marisa Evans, which gives our adopters access to a wonderful group of people experienced in working with puppy mill rescues. Marisa, as an example of the knowledge level of our team, has fostered over 10 Havanese puppy mill rescues, and has adopted two HALO rescues. She and the team have a broad set of experiences with different ages of dogs, from puppies to seniors, and different challenges. Above all, the team members are warm and helpful, and find their role immensely rewarding. Each adopter gets access to their own mentor, who is available by email and phone. Marisa and her team can provide creative ideas if any challenges arise throughout the life of their new family member, or can just be a friendly ear to hear of all the wonderful progress they have made. It’s a unique program that provides HALO with a way to help make sure that each of our rescued pups has the best life possible.