A Very Special Couple

How many times have you been able to say that you literally have saved a life?  Judy and Jerry Norris are animal heroes!  A hero makes the world a better place and they have done this well.  

They have been valued fosters for HALO Rescue since 2006 and have fostered over 100 dogs. They have also transported many dogs and have often been the first set of loving, gentle hands these dogs have felt after leaving a puppy mill.

Their home is a bridge from what was to what can be.  They have poured a little of their souls into each and every foster.  They take the dogs at their greatest time of need and teach them love, guidance and trust.    They replace the pain and despair with comfort and hope.

HALO depends entirely on foster homes as the first step to freedom.  HALO does not have a shelter as we feel that the best rehabilitation is going to happen in a loving home with a loving and patient family.  We are very grateful to Judy and Jerry for all that they have done to make dreams come true for a precious little soul.